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Graffiti is back in Los Angeles, but in the San Fernando Valley, artist Levi "Fonz" Ponce makes sure iconic figures are relevant to the community. Learn more about his work, which brings together the history of graffiti art, the art of the city, and the life and work of artists from the region.

The mural tells the story of Van Nuys, a neighborhood in the heart of the northeastern San Fernando Valley surrounded by natural, man-made and iconic landmarks. The valley is located north of the Los Angeles Basin and was incorporated as a city in 1924, with Burbank being the first city to be incorporated. Although most of the city is ruled by the Los Angels, there are also a large number of other cities, such as Pasadena, Pasadena City Hall, the San Gabriel Valley Community College District and the University of Southern California. It is also home to the cities of Pacoima, which has more than 100,000 inhabitants, along with another city, Burbanks, as well as several other small towns.

The San Fernando Valley has connections to other regions, as can be seen in the city of Van Nuys, a satellite management center of the city of Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel Valley Community College District, which is bordered by Van Nuys. The house is listed as a national historic site after serving as the California State Department of Education's headquarters for more than 100 years.

Uhri says it took four years to find the warehouse after an earlier version of the gallery, the Valley Institute for the Visual Arts (VIVA), lost its original location in the San Fernando Valley.

He did just that with the help of a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the arts in the San Fernando Valley and other parts of Los Angeles County. The project was curated and financed by Garcia and his wife Maria Garcia, who is also co-founder of the Garcia Grupo. Garcia founded the group with her husband and their two sons, Jose and Jose Luis Garcia. Some of these works date from 2002 and include works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Michael Kors and others, as well as some works by local artists.

They also come from the San Fernando Valley and other parts of Los Angeles County, as well as from around the world, and are begged by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, David Hockney and others.

There are two Kaiser Permanente hospitals serving the San Fernando Valley, Kaiser Medical Center and Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

The San Fernando Valley features a convention center located in the Expo Center in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, just blocks from the Convention Center. You'll find a variety of events there, including the annual San Fernando Art Festival, Southern California's largest art festival. Mexican restaurant that has been serving Sanernando for over 50 years, El Chico's Mexican Grill.

Now the San Fernando Valley is getting a lot of -- deserved attention, and now it is getting a lot of attention it deserves. L.A. annexed the valley following the William Mulholland Los Angeles Aqueduct, which helped bring water to the Owens Valley. Meanwhile, efforts to secede and create a school district in San Fernando County have become a flashpoint for the desire to leave the city. In 2002, a group of students from the Sanernando Valley Unified School District made a serious effort to break away from their own new, independent, integrated city and take it with the rest of their city as their home.

Dr. Damon Willick grew up in the Valley and curated the exhibition, which runs through October 11, 2014. The Valley of Vista exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs, videos, posters and other materials covering some of the most important artists of the 1970s and 1980s in and around the area.

The San Fernando Valley-born artist was a prolific graffiti artist, but it was his ability to create his own style that made him a household name. Garcia has also worked with artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, John Lennon and David Bowie.

Garcia is currently one of eleven commissioned artists selected by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to build the San Fernando Valley Art Museum, the largest public art project in the United States. At nearly 10,000 square feet, it is the second largest art museum in California and will change the face of the area by removing graffiti for an artistic history lesson.

"Educate yourself," you will meet several fifth and sixth graders who are attending the school where the mural is located. Turn left, turn right and finally pass the tiger that hunts its prey, the final class of the San Fernando Valley Art Museum.

Most of the San Fernando Valley is outside the city of Los Angeles, but locals still call it Valley. Turn right on Kewen to the Great Wall of LA, the largest and most famous mural in the world. Designed by Judy Baca and painted alongside Tujunga Wash, it depicts the history of California. It is located at the intersection of South Van Nuys Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, north of Interstate 5 and south of I-405.

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