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The vast quadrant of L.A., the San Fernando Valley, is not a food desert, despite what some people seem to think. There's incredible food in unexpected places and there's no better area of the city to represent more than the Los Angeles Valley. It deserves to be prepared in such a varied and delicious way, not only for its location, but also for its good food.

The valley is located north of the Los Angeles Basin and is part of the city of Van Nuys, the second largest city in the state of California. The San Fernando Valley contains the largest number of cities in L.A. County, although most of Los Angeles is ruled by the city. There are more than 1,000 restaurants and restaurants dedicated to the valley, most of them within the city limits, and some of them are in Vannuys.

This restaurant has been an integral part of the Valle del Valle since 1982 and has produced a number of other restaurants and markets, such as the San Fernando Valley Market. From the little Argentina - themed Eataly, this restaurant market offers a wide selection of food from Argentina that only a trip to Buenos Aires could really offer. More recently, it has crept into what is now the largest food market in the United States, with more than 1,000 restaurants, shops and restaurants.

Here in the West Valley, many of us go for a proper piece of steak and it's one of the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles. Tam O'Shanter's dates back to 1922 and is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles Angeles, owned and operated by the same family, at the same location. Speaking of steakhouses, we can say that Monty Steakhouse dates back to 1941 when it opened in Pasadena.

The similarly named Rancho Los Encinos was granted to Juan Francisco Reyes through land trade as part of his land grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The San Fernando Valley has connections to other regions: Van Nuys and Pacoima, as well as the city of Burbank, have more than 100,000 inhabitants. The area is home to Southern California's Edison power plant and the Los Angeles County Public Utilities Commission (LACUAC), which operates the cities of Pasadena, San Bernardino, Santa Monica and San Gabriel. The Hidden Hills of Calabasas are located to the southwest, the southernmost part of the valley is the northernmost part of Los Fernando County, which is completely surrounded by Los Angeles. The most populous city is Beverly Hills, while the other two cities, Los Alamitos and Santa Clarita, each have fewer than 1,500 inhabitants.

The most famous streets include Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys and Victory Avenue in Pacoima, as well as Santa Clarita Boulevard. There are a large number of low-priced commercial facilities along Victory Blvd and Van Nuys, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

In fact, the Valley is so diverse that Ventura Boulevard can seem like an elongated version of a sushi row. Although the food is the same as you find in any large Vietnamese restaurant, don't be fooled by these small restaurants.

The tortas are very good, as you would expect from the name of the place, and the tacos are perhaps even better. The burritos are well proportioned and cracked, but let's not forget there are no tacos in town.

If you know where to go, there are some terribly good restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. When you live there or spend a lot of time there, you get hungry and there is no better place to do that than this place. I've driven all the way from Texas to find it, but it's one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles County, if not the entire state.

Just a few doors away from Mantee, this very casual establishment feels like it could be on the beach and not on a busy street. The Italian restaurants in California have a courtyard that resembles a small villa and can seat up to 200 people. Enjoy the hospitality of this small, family-owned café and come for the delicious Argentine chimichurri sauce empanadas.

It's always hard to please everyone on this list, but there's little when you see a restaurant like this one in the San Fernando Valley, California. Let us know in the comments section below, with your favorite restaurant in the valley! With all the upscale Thai restaurants popping up in LA, Sherman OaksA is lost with simplicity and passion, and that's far from the case with Rustic Spoon. It's a great place for casual dining and it's one of the most popular restaurants in Los Angeles. With all the upscale Thai restaurants popping up around LA, you lose track of what you're eating and get far, in this case with rustic spoons.

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